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  1. It will cut into beer sales more than wine sales.

  2. Wine Antics is guilty of an EAST COAST BIAS!!!

  3. Villacana Winery/Re:Find Spirits in Paso Robles do both.

  4. So does Red Soles, PEr Cazo/Pendrays, and Grey Wolf/KroBar.

  5. It took the word “N O” from Chris Kern’s first comment

  6. I would say that No, they don’t belong together based on the stuff we tasted in Santa Rosa

  7. Per Austin Beeman’s talk at WBC, pot is currently the biggest threat to the wine industry because they are competing products.

  8. my preference is not all together the norm. The Millennials are the ones who are moving this direction. The question is how can they “afford this” when they are set in the $10-15 wine category? Legal Cannabis is very expensive and California has not license enough cultivators.

  9. Weddings are now having “different varietals” of cannabis. SF is replacing appetizers with “stations” for smoking!!

  10. SF also has people dropping needles and pooping on the streets

  11. If you can have different flavors of cigars, you can have different flavors of blunts.

  12. Probably 2021. Right after trump gets ousted.

  13. Utah and Wyoming will be the lone holdouts. And New Hampshire will fight it longer than most.

  14. Hey Jen. You should go out together, he is cute and u guys look good together

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