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Sips, Snacks, and Scenery 


Just because entrepreneurs are "always working" doesn't mean work can't include great sips, snacks and scenery!

Wine Antics is a collection of video, audio, and written content from my antic-filled, sometimes wine inspired, professional and personal life. Because I am a new entreprenuer, my experiences are often budget-driven but filled with humor and a "Let's Do It" mindset.

Between the tagline and the confession of my budget, you might assume I am a workaholic. You'd be correct. More often than not you'll find me behind a computer, but when business becomes social, I love to mix meetings with a meal or conferences with "add-on" adventures. 

If this sounds like your life, I hope you'll stick around to see what antics, knowledge, and experiences I share next.

Fellow Creators...

Do you create written, audio, or video content in the hospitality industry (food, beverage, and/or travel? I've created a Facebook group to share what I learn about social media, content creation, marketing, etc. called CC Otters.

Why otters? Because otters are friendly, helpful to one another, and like to eat snacks off their bellies. 😀 #relateable

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